Believe There Are No Bounds And You Can Go Anywhere

Each clunky step I took while leaning heavily on my cane after my meal at the Skylight Diner reminded me of how many I’d taken beforehand. I had walked from my house to #NewarkPennStation to avoid a crowd of pot smoking teenagers (the entire 1.4 miles). I climbed a flight of stairs then walked the length of #NYPennStation to meet my friend Kiada. Then, we walked from 8th Avenue to the #JavitsCenter to attend the NY International Auto Show.

I went through all three floors filled with vehicles and merchandise over the course of three and a half hours. Afterwards, we walked past #TheVessel back towards New York Penn Station. We made a brief detour at the diner and stopped at a Duane Reade before I reversed my commute.

I’d made it 14,121 steps or 5.4 miles. The longest distance I’ve walked in one day in years. Certainly the farthest I’ve gone since my joint and back problems intensified. I didn’t know what I was capable of it until I did it. I was tired, in pain but I just kept moving.

I learned that if you don’t think about the end of a journey and you just focus on each phase as you go along, anything is manageable. I believed there were no bounds to where I could go and there weren’t.

(Now I intend to collapse in bed after I thoroughly run down my joints)

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