Come As You Are

It occurred to me last night that this was my fourth time see my friend @mattyla perform stand up comedy. I like jokes and I used to see a lot of stand up shows back when I lived in Boston in the 90s. I’d go see comedians like Patrice O’Neal and John Pinette; sadly both have since died. But, I stopped going out regularly when I moved to NYC, began working in TV News and began dating a man with a child.

I thought I didn’t have the time to spare. During the week I’m often so mentally worn out from my work, my bed calls to me. On the weekends, it’s family time and stand up comedy has no place there. However, my friend @mattyla changed my thoughts on that. He was pursuing his dream with two kids, a wife, and a full-time job. Certainly, if he could find the time to write material and perform, I could be there for him.

The first time I walked into a club I remembered why I loved it so much. Sure I needed to laugh through the stress of work, bills, and my parents’ illnesses’. But the club reminded me of being at church.

Here’s why. It’s a place where everyone can come as they are. You can dress however you’d like and no one finds it strange. You’ll ear whispers and gossips but your main focus is on the person with the microphone sharing joy, pain and life lessons. You’re forced to pay for the places’ upkeep; this time through a two drink minimum or food. And, you can hear about the blessings of being uniquely you, even if you have some sort of personality quirk, addiction or illness. It’s what church is supposed to be… a place of joy, understanding and support.

Okay, maybe they’re not exactly the same but the healing power of laughter keeps you coming back just like the restorative power of faith makes getting up early for church worth it. Both are about fellowship and are equally valuable.

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