Speak Up, Speak Out

I recently received a direct message from an Instagram user/group asking me to take part in their Speak-Out series. I was asked, “why did you choose to speak out about your autoimmune diagnosis?”

Here is my response:
“Living with an autoimmune disease shouldn’t be a secret. As a survivor and thriver living with one, I felt that it was important that other people were aware that we are “sick” through no fault of our our own. However, we do have a responsibility to ourselves to keep searching for the correct diagnosis, treatment and support to live full lives. Additionally, we have an obligation to show other people hope, raise awareness, lessen the stigma and ignorance surrounding these diseases, and to raise money to help find treatments and cures, if possible. I know I tried to do so in my memoir, Misdiagnosed: The Search For Dr. House and in my blog.”

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