Faith Is The Best Trump Card

What are her odds of survival after chemo and radiation? That’s the question that kept repeating in my head, even though I’d looked up the statistics on the American Cancer Society website and knew the answer. Still, I wanted to hear directly from the oncologist. But, I couldn’t get the words out of my mouth.

I told jokes and stories. I even shared my medical history. Then, I listened silently as the doctor laid out the possible schedule for my mom’s treatment.

When he was done, the doctor asked my mom, “are you okay?”

She replied, “I’m okay. I have faith. Im going to be alright.”

My mother was confidently leaping into the unknown. She was/is certain that the God she worships will catch and care for her. She didn’t sound afraid. She wasn’t concerned that this was her second bout with Cancer. She was resolute and unwavering about the fact her faith was her trump card and it could beat any odds.

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