The Road To Recovery Can Be Bumpy

“I have to take a new round of steroids to get rid of this ear and sinus infection,” I said as my voice started shaking and tears streamed down my cheeks in the middle of Rite-Aid. “Why can’t I just have a good stretch? I’m going to get another infection. It always happens when I take steroids; that’s how this occurred. I took them so my back would heal and I developed a cough. I took them again to get rid of the nerve root inflammation and I got these infections. It’s too much.”

I used the side of my hand to wipe my face and I continued, “I can’t believe I had to go to CityMD urgent care instead of being by my mom’s side as she’s been for me. She went into Mount Sinai Beth Israel for cancer surgery yet every time I call to check on her the receptionist claims she was discharged. They removed a part of her intestines. She’s not home. If she was, why would I be calling? I should’ve been there with her. Now I don’t even know how she’s doing.”

You gotta pull it together, I muttered to myself. This is not the time to break down. I’m gonna buy the steroids and the antibiotics. Then, I’ll get out of here so i can track mom down at the hospital.

I called four more times over the next two hours before I completely lost my composure and demanded forcefully that someone find my mother. I was finally transferred to the surgical recovery room where a nurse named Donna let me know my mother was out of surgery and doing okay, even though she was temporarily given a colostomy bag.

I thanked her profusely before I hung up and called my brothers to tell them the reassuring news. After my last call, I threw up part of my lunch. I stumbled upstairs and collapsed on my bed. I was feverish, having chills and I dizzy. But, I fell asleep knowing we’re ready both on the road to recovery.

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