Day 139: Remember Life Fades Quickly

I agonized over what to wear for Halloween. For the first time in years, there would be no family costume. My “stepson” has entered his teenage years and decided his friends are far cooler. 🤧

So, I thought long and hard. Then, an idea popped into my head. I’d be a skeleton.

There are several reasons I chose this. First, this is almost exactly how my body must look to the dozens of doctors who have treat me from complications from my autoimmune disease/chronic illness. They’ve seen my insides in x-ray, MRI or CT scan images for the last 20 years. (Well with a few defects)

Second, I loved the movie, “Coco.” It reminded about the meaning behind day of the dead celebrations. It reaffirmed how important it is to remember our ancestors, to cherish relatives who are here with us, and to be grateful for the life we have because it quickly fades away.

Third, I selected my costume because I love holidays. Each one is a marker to me of how far I’ve made it through another year. Therefore, I like to celebrate them.

Lastly, when I’m in my Halloween attire, it’s one of the few times people stare and smile at me rather than gawk at my cane.

Happy Halloween!

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