Day 125: Listen And Help Without Being Asked

“What knee are we doing today?” the doctor asked as I placed my left knee on a step stool. “Hopefully, the left knee feels better since the injection last week.”

“It’s getting there,” I replied. I’ll be glad when this is done so I can do Autoimmune Walk NYC without needing as many pain meds. I’m sick of those pills.”

I looked the other way as the doctor marked for the perfect spots to inject the Lidocaine and then the Synvisc. I felt the pricks, the pressure and I saw the blood ooze from the wound but I focused on the tube of L’Occitane Vereine lotion in my hand.

It was gift from my friend Alicia. I’d mention that the scent was my favorite. It was first given to me by our late co-worker Mary Lilly when I had my stomach repaired five years prior. I told Alicia the clean scent comforted me in the medicinal smelling hospital. And, when I put it on with a regular pair of pajamas instead of the gown I was transported to a place outside of the hospital walls.

I presumed she’d forgotten about my ramblings until my fiancé handed me a plastic bag less than 24 hours before my knee injection. Inside of it was that lotion.

“Almost done,” the doctor said. “You okay?”

“I’m just fine,” I said as I slathered on the lotion. I took in the clean scent. It replaced the smell of iodine and alcohol that had filled my nostrils.

My skin, which had been violently punctured multiple times was soothed. It went from a dusty gray to its usual espresso tone. But, more importantly, I was relaxed and ready to face my afternoon at work.

The best medicine I received today was being heard by my friend and receiving the gift of help without being asked, I thought as limped out of the office.
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