Day 112: Half Done or Half To Go. How Do You See It?

July 2nd is day 183 in 2018, which makes it the middle of the year. Shocking, I know. It seems remarkable to me that this year has gone by in a flash. However, when I really think about it so many things have already happened.
A dear old friend passed away after a valiant fight against cancer. While another friend’s cancer biopsy turned out negative. I also reconnected with old friends after years apart.

I feared for my parents’ health, including my mom’s recovery from hip replacement surgery. Then, I watched my mother stand upright, on her own two feet, in record time.

I took my first week long vacation in six years. Then, I came home and suffered a terrible concussion that’s cost me thousands. But, treatment for this injury led me to a drug that’s reduced my nerve pain, allowing me to walk easier and exercise for the first time in years.

I vowed to start making plan for my future and I have begun to do so. I’ve applied for a master’s degree program at Syracuse. So, soon I may be student again.

I had my new memoir, Chronic professionally edited and I began a new fiction book, Berserk. Neither has sold yet but I’m writing with my heart and have faith that both projects will connect with readers like my memoir, Misdiagnosed: The Search For Dr. House.

I completed more than 111 blogs posts about the joy I’ve extracted from the pain of living each day. It’s gotten me three mentions in magazine articles. But, more importantly, writing has brought me a new sense of peace and release.

And, in two and a half months(September 16th), I’ll be Autoimmune Walk NYC ambassador. The day before I will speak at a forum to educate people on how to be their best medical advocate. I’ll share skills I learned battling my own health crisis.

I look forward to the second half of the year. Do you? Is the year half over to you or do you have half to go? What will you do with the time?

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