Day 100: Recognize And Appreciate Blessings In Disguise

I hopped off my exercise bike on May 1st for the first time since February 2016. I did ten minutes as my neurologist advised. My hip, leg and foot were throbbing and I was so nauseous and dizzy I had to lay on my bed.

Today, I did 40 minutes. There was no pain, no nauseous, no dizziness or distress of any kind. My left leg, hip and lower back wasn’t weak, numb or tingling. I was just tired and sweaty. It seems the two pills (Gabapentin and Meloxicam) I was prescribed to help with pain after a concussion on April 21st quieted my spine pain and peripheral neuropathy.

Over a three year period, I received epidural cortisone injection, Synvisc injections, radio frequency ablation and several other procedures and none helped me. In fact, I’d taken Gabapentin and Meloxicam before to no avail. I still suffered from discomfort daily.

Now it seems a bump on the head turned out to be a blessing in disguise. It lead me back to two medications in higher doses that are giving me relief. I can now walk without my cane and ride under my own power pain free.

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