Day 42: Anything Is Possible With Modifications

Moving a California King bed on a wood sleigh bed frame is a daunting task for any person. For me, with a bad back/spine, constant fatigue, muscle atrophy from years of only mild activity due to my autoimmune condition, I thought it was close to impossible. But, I was determined.

It was easy to drag this behemoth out of the path of the water from the ceiling a few weeks ago, I thought. But, I can’t pick it up, hold it while I screw the legs on, and place it against the wall whole by myself.

I’m a beast, I told myself as I began to tackle the task of putting my bed back into its original position. I can use my brute strength and brains to do this. I’ll just have to take it piece by piece.

I stripped the bedding then flipped the mattress off the bed. I put each piece of the box spring on either side of the bed then I moved the empty frame. I lifted the frame off the floor with my feet and screwed in the legs. Then I flipped the other pieces back in place. It took a half and hour but I accomplished my goal on my own.

My disability didn’t stand in my way. I just discovered I can do anything I want with some modifications and time to rest and recover.

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