Day 33: Minding Your Manners Matters

A sneeze made me whip my head around so fast I thought I’d hurt my neck. I glared at the man in the seat next to me who hadn’t covered his mouth then I looked back down at my phone.

I was playing Solitaire waiting for my NJ Transit train to move when I heard another sneeze. I turned towards the man again just as the third sneeze came out. The moisture from his nose and mouth still hung in the air as I said, “Sir, please cover your mouth.”

He looked at me blankly.

“Sir, please cover your mouth. We don’t need your germs. I certainly don’t. “

I got a flu, pneumonia and TDap shot so I don’t get sick, I thought. I certainly don’t need germs from a stranger to threaten my health. When I get a cold it always turns into something far worse. My immune system is already compromised.

“I’m sorry,” the man said softly as he removed a tissue from his pocket and covered his mouth.

I know we are all nameless strangers passing each other through train and subway stations but can use our manners, I thought.

As I got up to exit the train, the man paused and waited for me to go first. Then, he warned me about the gap between the platform and train. As I walked away, the man told me to have a good day.

I hope he minds his manner from this day forward, I thought as I boarded the subway.

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