Day 20: Accept Unexpected Gifts

“2/23 is the tentative date for the final burials;” that’s what the text read from my friend Alexis, who lost a second and final parent just days after her birthday. “I have a ton of Southwest points.”

“I’ll book it. Flights went down to $250,” I quickly replied.

“I’m doing it now,” she responded. “You can owe me $11.20”

“I’ll bring it with me,” I replied as I smiled so broadly my cheeks hurt.

“You made me laugh out loud with that one,” she wrote.

I’m glad, I thought. She could use a smile during this difficult time. But, I really wish she wouldn’t have done that. I promised her I’d be there for the internment and I would’ve. I guess I just can’t believe that I’m the midst of her grief she is trying to take care of me. “

“Reservation in your inbox.”

“I’ll take care of the rest: hotel and car.”

For the rest of the day, I thought I should call her or text her back and tell her to cancel my reservation. She should save her points for herself. I’ll take care of my flight.

At 6:15, I’d just starting typing that message to Alexis when a text came in.


Those two words from my distracted me.

“Still working?”

“Nope I’m on my way out now,” I typed.

I left without hitting send on my message to Alexis. And, I forgot about it as I spent a half hour checking out gas stations for a story. The detour gave me a little unforeseen time with someone dear to me.

As I rode home on NJ Transit, I deleted my reply to Alexis. And. I thought I should always accept unexpected gifts like time, a plane ticket or anything else; that make like sweeter.

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