Day 3: Risk Nothing For The Mundane

Just like the employees of the U. S postal service, nothing keeps journalists, especially those in tv news, from going to work. We are messengers who brave all the elements to bring you information and stories from around the world: The good, the bad, the tragic, and sometimes the obvious.

Today, I learned that our big story tomorrow would be weather… again. The forecast for the “bomb cyclone” changed. Instead of dumping 1-3 inches in the city, 3-6 is anticipated and Long Island is expecting up to a foot or more of snow. This means tomorrow I’ll be delivering obvious news; it’s snowing so you should stay home while I work and telling about how bad conditions are every few minutes.

I’ve been in TV for more than 20 years so I’ve mastered making the mundane sound compelling. Weather news falls into that category. But, one thing has changed in that time. The autoimmune condition I’ve been saddled with had led to more than two dozen “adjustments” to my body. The latest series filled my knees, dulled the pain in my spine and left me clutching a cane.

I get around pretty well. But, commuting in the snow could be an issue. Last year, I broke toes and made it work on crutches during a storm. This year, without a hotel room in the city, my commute from NJ to NY will be slow and steady. If I slip at all, I’m going home. I’m still paying for my last $10,000 procedure on my back. And, I’ve made too much progress to let the anything set me back or cause any other issues.

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