Spreading Cheer And Love

It hasn’t felt like the most wonderful time of year, at least at work. Morale has been low and stress has been high, especially with all the breaking news. But, I decided not to let either get me down.

As I stood online to buy candy for my co-workers, I saw a beacon of light. No, it wasn’t the bright star described in the Bible. But, it was a sign of the season. I saw holiday decorations that filled my heart with glee.

I admit that I am a holiday purest. I prefer that each holiday gets its moment. No Thanksgiving decorations at Halloween. No Christmas decorations at Thanksgiving. And, I want stores to acknowledge non-Christian holidays with a section.

Anyway, when I saw light up headbands on the counter, I thought, why not buy one or three to make my co-workers smile. So, I’ve been wearing them as you can see in the photos.

For my birthday, last week, I sent out an image encouraging people to support authors like me. I asked my friends and family to buy my memoir, gift it, review it or just wish me well on my mission to help others find a path to better health. I just hope that each of you do something to make the season, year and days ahead brighter.


Happy Holidays!

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