A Year With No Regrets

I have a hard time taking compliments; acknowledging that other people see the value of my skills or my life. I guess it’s just easier to be self-deprecating. But, every year on my birthday (12/17), I choose to look at all I’ve accomplished in my difficult life with pride. I also give praise and gratitude to my co-workers, friend, family and God for carrying when I felt like I couldn’t go any further. Each day I live is blessing and I cherish it.

I saw this image online and wondered why it’s always been hard for me to ask others to support the book I’m most proud of, my memoir, Misdiagnosed: The Search For Dr. House. It’s my tool to advocate for people struggling with misdiagnosis, chronic illness, chronic pain and a crisis of faith. I guess I felt like it would be begging to ask everyone who claims to be my friend or my family to buy my books, to share my posts or videos or do something to show that my life’s mission matters to them. I guess I didn’t want to be disappointed. But, by not saying anything, I let myself down.

My grandma Nettie used to say “a closed mouth doesn’t get fed.” And mother said,”by asking you have a 50-50 chance at yes. By saying nothing you have a 100% chance of a no.” I’ve decided not to let another year of my life go without saying something about this and anything else I want.

I will release my next memoir, Chronic, my journey to find peace despite emotional and physical pain. I don’t know if I will make another request. But, I know I will face this new year of life with less fear, less hesitation and less concern about whether or not anyone else will let me down. I’m focused of my actions. And, I vow to have no regrets.
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