The Truth Is It Happened To Me Too

I keep very few secrets about my life. Why? Because I’m not ashamed of anything I’ve done or been through in my life, even if some of it required forgiveness of me or by me. I believe truth is freedom. Yet I saw the #metoo movement swell online and I was reluctant to participate.

I wasn’t hesitant because I haven’t been both sexually harassed and assaulted in my life. I have. But, I’ve never talked about either publicly.

I thought sharing it gave power to an abuser. I thought it would open me up to criticism or make others view me as weak, loose, a complainer, or merely a victim. However, speaking up is not about the abuser. It’s about let other know it’s possible to heal, overcome and succeed despite the bad intentions of someone else.

I will reveal specific details of my story if I think they will help someone else. For now, I’ll raise awareness of these crimes by simply saying it happened to me too.

#truthisfreedom @alyssa_milano @mcgowan.rose #metoo


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