A Chance At Relief

“How are your joints?” My rheumatologist asked as she bent each limb and stretched them to test my pain and flexibility.

“The osteoarthritis in my hips, knees and feet is still there. They still hurt but there’s nothing new,” I responded.

“Do the joints still swell?”

“No. I can walk up to three mikes a day with pain but not swelling. Running and biking are a problem so I don’t them. I do what I can without hurting myself. I’ve adjusted.”

“Good. We have to check your immunoglobulins but I think you can reduce your plaquenil. You may have entered a good phase. Well will also do an abdominal scan to check your organs; that’s important. But, you’re looking good.”

I could barely wrap my brain around what my doctor was saying. I hadn’t reduced a pill in nearly five years. I’d often added to my collection but cutting a dosage was something I never thought would happen. I never considered remission because I’ve been so sick for so long without a break. Even if get just a few months of relief, I’ll take it, I thought as I happily went to give blood and schedule my scan.

#remission #disability #chronicpain #chronicillness #autoimmunedisease #igg4

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