Prepared For Anything

If living with a chronic illness has taught me anything, it’s that I always have to be prepared. I’ve been so ill at times that I’ve been forced to think about getting my affairs in order: a will, insurance, health proxy, and a power of attorney. The reality that could sudden fall ill has also made me stay on top of laundry, house straightening, grocery shopping, and emergency phone lists. My obsession with preparedness is now helping me in every area of my life.

Yesterday, I was still reeling from the fact that Actress/Singer/Writer @ritawilson and her husband actor @tomhanks acknowledged my prior post thanking Ms. Wilson for selecting my essay for her Voices of Strength series in the Huffington Post when I got a direct message from a former colleague. She said she was hosting on a radio show on WVOX 1460 am which will be livestreamed from 3-4 pm on Monday (today) with a well-known female author. She said she thought my blog posts might make a good addition to the broadcast. She also invited me to call in to be a part of the conversation. I told her that despite a busy day at work with coverage of the eclipse, the president’s speech on Afghanistan, the hunt for the Spain terror attacker and the US navy accident, I’m ready to participate and I will.

Who knows where this will lead. My essay in the Huffington Post led to an opportunity to be a regular contributor and some promoted posts. My book resulted in radio shows and positive reviews. So, maybe someone will hear my words on and be inspired, changed or it will push my writing career to another level. No matter what I am ready for whatever comes next. #chronicillness #chronicpain #disability #autoimmunedisease @wvoxradio #memoirs #invisibleillness

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