Not Enough Money To Repay My Father

My father wasn’t my favorite person when I was a child. If I asked how to spell a word he’d say, “look it up in the dictionary or sound it out.” If I asked when or where an event occurred he’d say, “look in the encyclopedia.” If I asked how to fix something he’d say, “I’ll tell you what to do and you can do it yourself.”

If I forgot to do the dishes he’d wake me up to do them. If I came home late, my time out with friends was shorter the next day. And, if I did something wrong there was always a barrage of questions “like why did you do that?”

My father was tough on me. He made it clear he had rules and morals I was supposed to live by. At the time, It all seemed overwhelming. However, I can look back now and see my father gave me the framework for my life. He taught me to find the answers to my questions, solve my own problems and live up to my responsibilities.

I wish I could repay him. I wish I could afford to take him on trips around the world like he took me. I wish I could pay off the home that he bought that still provides a safe haven for me. But, I can’t. So, I’ll spend the rest of my life doing what I can to say thank you to him for the foundation he provided me. Thank you! Happy Father’s Day!
#blackfathers #fatherdaughter #fathersday #family

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