I’m Not Vain, I’m Proud

It’s not vain to say I’m proud that I finished writing my fifth book: Healed: Finding Peace In Spire of Emotional and Physical Pain. And, I did it despite back pain and an autoimmune disease that led me to spend the year getting steroid shots, spinal nerve burns, throat dilation, walking with a cane and suffering sprained fingers. I found time even though I had a sick parent, did wedding planning, as well as worked a full-time job (packed with breaking news), managed a relationship with my fiancé and “stepson” and cared for two homes. Now I don’t know if anyone will buy my book and that’s okay. I’m already a success because I didn’t let my chronic illness stop me. #backpain #ChronicIllness #healed #autoimmunedisease #nevergiveup #writinglife #memoir

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