Mind Over Body

Testimony: I swallowed Ativan and waited for my surgeon. As I lay there a nurse tried to insert an IV into my hand but my vein collapsed. Blood covered my hand while I watched her scramble to find something to stop it. Moments later, she came back and placed an IV line in my arm; with that I was ready.

I limped into an operating room and laid on a table face down with my head in a padded hole. This time my arms were strapped at my side, a sterile piece of material covered the back my head and someone held my legs to the table. As pulse meter was placed on my finger and an elf pads on my chest. I felt like I was going to be executed.

I breathed as slowly as I could as needles went into the base of my spine, sending burning sensations across my back, neck, shoulder and chest. When one prick was too much to take a male nurse held my hand. I didn’t cry though. Instead this time I prayed and I drifted to a place beyond the pain. Before I knew it I was done.

Lifting my arm and turning my head shot pain up and down my spine; that is until I put on my stabilization collar. Hours later my weary body drifted off to sleep. And for the first time in two weeks, I stayed sleep all night. I woke and said, “God is good all the time.” Why? Because I was able to get myself to the bathroom without my mothers or fiancé’s help.

I have no fever and my swelling is already down. I’m proof prayer heals so I know my next two procedures will be okay

#MindOverBody #FaithIsTheBestMedicine

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