Writer’s Digest Review Of Misdiagnosed: The Search for Dr. House, a memoir

“I liked this book very much and found I could not put it down. Nika Beamon has had so many medical issues throughout her life it is impossible not to at once pity her for all the illnesses and procedures she has had to endure as well as to admire her for ongoing perseverance in seeking a diagnosis. As autoimmune diseases have become more widespread, Misdiagnosed will likely find an empathetic and admiring audience. I liked the way Beamon blends her narration. The reader gets to follow her career and relationships, which are entangled with her continual illnesses and sudden onset conditions. Frankly, all of the health issues were scary. She is inspiring in the way that she has forced herself to live through the humiliation of disease. I like her strong character. Her parents are strong, too, and I admire them. While there is much to condemn in Bryce, I liked the way that relationship turns into one of friendship. Anyone who has had to suffer from incorrect diagnoses will appreciate this book. I applaud Beamon’s talent, courage and strength, though she may feel her life has been one of weakness.”“Judge, 23rd Annual Writer’s Digest Self-Published Book Awards

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