Beyond The Surface


I dropped to my knees one night and I cried out, “Lord, use me.” HE has. I’m a voice for people with chronic illnesses and autoimmune diseases.

My will proves that determination trumps shortcomings. My constant gratitude proves being thankful for what you’ve been given rather than lost can turn a smile into a frown, pain into understanding, frustration into action, immobility into bonding time and poverty into appreciation for the little things.

On the outside, without my cane, I look just like YOU. On the inside I am a warrior fighting for every day. I have an invisible illness (igg4-rd) and so may someone else you know may have one of the more than 100other autoimmune diseases like diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis or sarcoidosis. So please look beyond the surface.

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Independence For Autoimmune Disease Sufferers


Happy Independence Day Weekend!

You have about two months left to decide if you want to join my team and walk for a cure. You can also donate if you prefer or come here me speak to walkers on the main stage at Hudson River Park (Pier 95, West 55th Street in Manhattan) on September 10 @ noon.

Or, you can do nothing at all. Your time, friendship and support is all someone with an autoimmune disease, like me, really wants. We want to continue to live independent lives and better treatment options are essential.

If you don’t think you know someone with or of these illnesses, think again: celiac disease, endometriosis, type 1 diabetes, #lupus #Lymedisease #crohnsdisease #Ulcerativecolitis #juvenilearthritis #rheumatoidarthritis #sjogrenssyndrome #sarcoidosis #gravesdisease #restlesslegsyndrome #psoriasis #vitiligo etc…

Here  is the link to donate or join my team of no nonsense walkers:

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